Temperature monitoring for healthcare settings

A precision temperature and environment monitoring system for hospitals and other settings

Wireless temperature and environment monitoring tailored for healthcare

At EVERYWARE, we recognise the paramount importance of maintaining precise temperature and environmental conditions within hospitals and healthcare settings. Ensuring the safe storage of invaluable assets such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, blood, and food stores is integral to safe and effective healthcare operations.

That’s why we’ve developed a cutting-edge wireless temperature monitoring system tailored specifically for healthcare.

A temperature monitoring system on a laptop screen

Our solutions offers:

Precision automation and alerts for full peace-of-mind

Eliminate time-consuming manual temperature monitoring that is susceptible to human errors. With EVERYWARE, you can automate the entire process and enjoy peace of mind, knowing you’re receiving highly accurate readings, with an impressive margin of just +/- 0.25°C every minute.

Our system also has the capability to set up custom alerts for temperature fluctuations that need attention.

Comprehensive environment monitoring

Our cloud-based solution incorporates wiress sensors designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, boasting an extensive temperature range from -200°C to +140°C (-328°F to +284°F). These sensors go beyond temperature monitoring, also keeping tabs on humidity and ambient temperature, creating a comprehensive environmental monitoring system.

Seamless data flow

Every reading captured by our sensors is seamlessly transmitted to EVERYWARE Smart Hubs, which then relay the data to the EVERYWARE Platform, accessible through any web browser. It’s a user-friendly interface that provides real-time insights into your hospital’s environmental conditions.

Security and long-term data storage

All data is securely stored through our cloud data warehouse in London. With this robust system, we can store years’ worth of historical data. This capability becomes invaluable when you need to produce validation reports for specific time periods, ensuring compliance and accountability.

Out-of-Hours Support for Unwavering Reliability

Hospitals never sleep, and neither do we. EVERYWARE offers round-the-clock support, 365 days a year, to handle any out-of-range alerts. Our dedicated team ensures that the right individuals are promptly notified to prevent any loss of the assets you’re monitoring. Your hospital’s assets are invaluable, and we treat them as such.

Monitor all types of healthcare assets via a single digital platfrom with the EVERYWARE solution:

“The EVERYWARE fridge temperature monitor system has been installed at Stratford Hospital for over 3 years. As well as the obvious benefits of monitoring the ambient room and fridge temperatures to ensure the medicines are kept at the correct temperature, it will also provide us with valuable information regarding the performance of our fridges. The data monitoring is continuous and will raise alerts/alarms if set parameters are breached which means we are able to ensure a clear insight into our chilled drug storage and ambient pharmacy conditions. The system was simple and unobtrusive to install. Due to its flexibility and adaptiveness, the system has grown in size since the original installation. The services that EVERYWARE provides are reliable, helpful, proactive and they are a pleasure to work with."

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