Case Study


Every day in every hospital across the UK, nursing staff must periodically check the temperature of ward fridges and ambient pharmaceutical storage cabinets to verify the desired temperatures are maintained. The outcome is to ensure the quality and efficacy of drugs are upheld before being administered to patients. This has always been a manual process and is often recorded by way of written evidence. During the recent pandemic, the critical temperature-sensitive COVID-19 vaccines had to be stored in temperature-controlled fridges with no room for error.


Everyware Innovation Services teams worked with SWFT to customise and enhance the Everyware Asset Management platform allowing Electro Bio Medical Engineers, Clinical Services, Pharmacists and Nursing staff to switch from a time-consuming manual recording process to a fully automated digital process. The challenge was to ensure that all members who managed the cold chain supply across the hospitals could have 24/7 real-time asset monitoring with alerts and follow-up actions being sent directly to all staff responsible in the event that any fridges experienced temperature excursions.


In collaboration with Electro Bio Medical Engineering teams at SWFT, Everyware Innovation Services worked to develop a tailored solution using the Everyware Asset Management Platform. Critical success factors included overcoming the existing data communications networks in place and creating an innovative smart hub which alerted ward staff to temperature excursions. The implementation improved the precision and granularity of data capture providing enhanced accuracy and transmission of additional parameters and reporting functionality served from the cloud.

Monthly management reports – temperature excursions.

Corrective action business process.

Out of hours support integration.

Clinicians dashboards.

Case Study