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Everyware understands the IoT landscape. It’s where we started and for us it’s the core of what we do and where we often start with your customer journey.

We understand that IoT has evolved beyond measure over the past decade, but one thing persists: the fragmented ecosystem makes it challenging for our customers to put together a solution.

We provide the necessary IoT knowledge and expertise you need to join together the value chain and all its participants in your industry.

Technology overview


Everyware designs sensors in-house; we also work with third party providers including  sensor, chipset and module manufacturers, hardware vendors, connectivity providers, software platforms, SIM providers, data managers, cloud service providers, systems integrators and application developers to create the appropriate IoT solution for your business.

Refer to our case studies in Industry sectors to find out more where we have created bespoke IoT for a variety our customers.

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The Everyware Digital Business Platform has been designed to create an active engagement model for all members of the ecosystem to promote specific IoT solutions for the market, fuelled by innovation, that delivers improved enterprise asset management performance. Simply put, our unique solutions are connecting our customers’ physical business assets to send and receive information using the latest communication devices and real time monitoring capabilities.

Everyware sensing devices and intelligent cloud computing are helping our customers solve real world problems by unifying their organisation’s data sets, which integrate Everyware sensing technologies and their business processes. This winning formula has helped many of our customers unlock and realise the full potential of IoT asset management.


Our initial engagement with you will commence by understanding your ambitions with relation to smart connected devices today and for the future. We will then create your customer specific roadmap with our time proven Everyware methodology.

We start with your asset review to identify the assets you wish to track and across which area of your organisation, considering specifics such as location and parameters which you want to measure and why. Together we will realise your ambitions for smart connected devices over the next three to five years as part of your organisation’s digital transformation journey. We will then work with your to create a managed service programme tailored to your business. For more details contact us for a request for proposal or live demo.

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