Our Story

In 2015, the co-founders of Everyware considered the digital future of the enterprise believing in the promise of the Internet of Things. Recognising the opportunity they set forth to build a digital business platform. This base platform would enable the enterprise of the future to realise the true value of optimised asset management.

Upon the journey we embraced innovation and created an array of customised sensors for a wide range of customers across key industry verticals, each having a unique set of circumstances and variables to consider. Today, we deliver a comprehensive suite of managed services, including IoT solutions, which are unified across our proven digital business platform.

We have grown in the areas of digital asset tracking within the Healthcare, Industrial Safety, Wildlife and Maritime sectors providing business intelligence software and innovation services which deliver asset utilization and performance data needed across the enterprise. We are known for enabling our customers to catapult their digital transformation journey to new heights through collaboration with our Innovation Services teams around the globe.

Our story continues to evolve as we believe the future can be envisioned where all ‘things’ will be identified digitally in a unified and trusted way. Implementing our intelligent business software promotes digital continuity for the enterprise in an ever-evolving world of advancing technology. We are at the forefront of the digital economy thanks to the technology we have built and continue to invest in for our customers.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Everyware is to deliver on the promise of The Internet of Things. This includes designing, developing and building IoT solutions and innovation services to accelerate the digital transformation journey for our customers, seeking to secure optimised asset performance across the enterprise. At Everyware, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of IoT, but in the company we choose to keep including our supply chain and technology partners around the globe.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to help accelerate digital transformation across the enterprise. We started by delivering innovative IoT solutions enabling digital asset tracking to maximise asset utilisation and performance, which delivers critical business intelligence for our customers. Today, our customers’ digital assets are protected securely within our digital business platform which provides a verifiable trusted layer with asset data being stored in the cloud.