Governance of Digital Twins

Methodologies and interoperable standards for managing decentralised digital twins across distributed networks will be a core part of Everyware Digital v4+.

Everyware Digital v4

An updated architecture and user-experience is in development for the next generation of Everyware Digital products and services.

IoT and 5G

Everyware and Digital Catapult, with Wayra and Telefonika, integrate new 5G devices into the Everyware Digital platform.

Distributed Ledger and IoT

Everyware partners with Hedera Hashgraph to integrate enterprise-grade distributed ledger to the Everyware Digital ecosystem.

IoT in Waste Management

Everyware delivers remote monitoring and IoT platform capabilities for ecosystem partners in Waste Management.

Remote Asset Tracking

Everyware delivers GPS+2G/3G/4G enabled devices capable of remote monitoring of digital and analogue aspects.

Everyware Edge v3

Re-design and manufacturing of the Everyware family of digital sensing products to include 3+ years of in-situ experience.

IoT Platform as a Service

Providing software and hardware infrastructure and capabilities for ecosystem partners to build and deploy their own IoT products and applications.