Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for highly-advanced analysis and unprecedented insight.

Information Products

Entirely digital products and services providing value propositions based on knowledge and information applications built on Everyware Digital.

Things as Customers

Interoperability and integration with Data Oracles and Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs).

Asset Performance Management

Combining data capture, integration, visualisation and analytics for the explicit purpose of improving reliability and availability of physical assets.

Enterprise Asset Management

Native interoperability and integration channels for major ERP systems, such as SAP, supporting all relevant data model and process standards.

Tokenisation of Things

Tokenise any physical object, asset or equipment on Everyware Digital; building on the Hedera Token Service.

Digital Twin of Persons

Decentralised ID services will be integrated with Everyware Digital v4+ combining best-in-class security with absolute personal control of your data and identity.

MDM ‘Thing’ Data

Globally decentralised, unified data models for unique objects and personal digital identity.