Overcoming hospital WiFi worries: using ultra-low power mesh technology to enable Real-Time Location System (RTLS) tracking for healthcare assets

A laptop showcasing an RTLS using Bluetooth mesh technology

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Real-Time Location System (RTLS) tracking is often a desirable option for hospitals using technology to locate their healthcare assets: it’s cost-effective and provides an accurate, up-to-date location on demand.

However, we understand there’s a common challenge faced by NHS Trusts looking to implement RTLS: the limitations of the existing WiFi infrastructure. Most Trusts have a WiFi network capable of handling data and voice, but not designed for accurate location services due to a limited number of Access Points (APs).

Our EVERYWARE solution addresses this challenge head-on. We’ve developed a cost-effective system that eliminates the need for a complete WiFi network overhaul while still providing accurate real-time locating.

Traditional RTLS technologies, like BLE and WiFi, require a high density of mains-powered APs for triangulation, which comes with a significant price tag and a disruptive overhaul of the infrastructure. However, with our ultra-low power mesh network using Wirepas, we can achieve accurate triangulation without relying solely on your hospital’s WiFi. This ultra-low power mesh network offers an impressive 2-meter level of accuracy, a fully battery-operated infrastructure and is a fraction of the cost of a WiFi refresh.

The installation of our ultra-low power mesh network is simple and non-disruptive. Wireless battery-powered receivers, each with a lifespan of five to seven years, can be installed around the hospital within a week, with no drilling or wiring required. That means you can quickly start to benefit from this technology without disturbing patients and practitioners.EVERYWARE healthcare asset monitoring system diagram showing how sensors monitor assets

Furthermore, our cloud-based solution means that there is no need for IT support for servers, and no assistance is required from estates. Practitioners can simply log into their EVERYWARE dashboard from any device with an internet connection when they need to locate healthcare assets.

The advantages of our asset tracking solution have been widely acknowledged, from saving countless hours searching for equipment to improved capital expenditure management through better par-level control of medical devices.

If you’d like to find out more, our team would be more than happy to talk you through our solution and discuss the possibility of setting up a free demo. Please get in touch by emailing info@everyware.co.uk.

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