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Everyware v1

Everyware creates the first version of the cloud-based IoT platform suitable for commercial trials.

Event Streaming Processing

Processing and analysing continuous streams of real-time data points and business events.

Everyware Edge v0.5

First generation of Everyware sensor devices and IoT gateway to be used in commercial trials.

IoT Edge Architecture

Sensors and local computation exists in a distributed network at the point of data collection.


Everyware Digital v2

Upgraded IoT platform ready for customers in live use-cases at scale.

IoT Platform

An IoT platform provides web-scale infrastructure capabilities to support basic and advanced IoT solutions and digital business operations.

Everyware Edge v1

Fully operational, mesh-networked devices and upgraded Smart Hubs for deployment in customer environments.

IoT Services

End-to-end services to design, build, install and operate IoT solutions, including consulting for IoT planning.

IoT in Industrial Safety

Everyware delivers bespoke IoT hardware and software to customers building Industrial Safety solutions for factories and warehouses.

IoT in Healthcare

Everyware delivers IoT solutions for remote-monitoring of critical equipment and assets in healthcare environments.

IoT-Enabled Applications

Applications built on connectivity layers of IoT to provide functionality and features relevant to particular sectors.


Everyware Digital v3

New Everyware IoT platform with an evolved architecture and brand-new user-experience capable of cross-sector solutions and applications.

Digital Twin

A real-time virtual representation of a physical object or process accompanying the lifecycle of an asset and maintaining historical record.

IoT in Maritime

Everyware delivers bespoke sensing and hybrid on-premises/cloud solution suitable for partnerships in maritime.

Everyware Edge v2

New and upgraded sensors building on the Everyware ecosystem of connected products.


IoT in Wildlife

Everyware delivers bespoke IoT platform, built on Everyware technology, and IoT applications for wildlife and estate management.

IoT Platform as a Service

Providing software and hardware infrastructure and capabilities for ecosystem partners to build and deploy their own IoT products and applications.

Everyware Edge v3

Re-design and manufacturing of the Everyware family of digital sensing products to include 3+ years of in-situ experience.

Remote Asset Tracking

Everyware delivers GPS+2G/3G/4G enabled devices capable of remote monitoring of digital and analogue aspects.


IoT in Waste Management

Everyware delivers remote monitoring and IoT platform capabilities for ecosystem partners in Waste Management.

Distributed Ledger and IoT

Everyware partners with Hedera Hashgraph to integrate enterprise-grade distributed ledger to the Everyware Digital ecosystem.

IoT and Business Process Automation v1

Upgrade to the Everyware IoT platform introducing easy-to-use human-activity steps to automated rules and events.


Everyware Fully Managed Services v1

Everyware expands its IoT Services offerings to include a range of fully managed services to ecosystem partners.

IoT and 5G

Everyware and Digital Catapult, with Wayra and Telefonika, integrate new 5G devices into the Everyware Digital platform.

Everyware Digital v4

An updated architecture and user-experience is in development for the next generation of Everyware Digital products and services.

Governance of Digital Twins

Methodologies and interoperable standards for managing decentralised digital twins across distributed networks will be a core part of Everyware Digital v4+.

IoT in Facilities Management

Everyware will provide the IoT and Asset Management capabilities for Facilities Management organisations.

MDM ‘Thing’ Data

Globally decentralised, unified data models for unique objects and personal digital identity.

Digital Twin of Persons

Decentralised ID services will be integrated with Everyware Digital v4+ combining best-in-class security with absolute personal control of your data and identity.

Tokenisation of Things

Tokenise any physical object, asset or equipment on Everyware Digital; building on the Hedera Token Service.


Everyware Digital v4.1 (Decentralised)

Introducing Everyware Digital architecture to offer and support fully decentralised business models and value chains.

Enterprise Asset Management

Native interoperability and integration channels for major ERP systems, such as SAP, supporting all relevant data model and process standards.

Asset Performance Management

Combining data capture, integration, visualisation and analytics for the explicit purpose of improving reliability and availability of physical assets.

Things as Customers

Interoperability and integration with Data Oracles and Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs).

Information Products

Entirely digital products and services providing value propositions based on knowledge and information applications built on Everyware Digital.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for highly-advanced analysis and unprecedented insight.