Empowering NHS Departments: Streamline Funding Approvals with EVERYWARE’s Business Case Templates

Someone working on an EVERYWARE business case on a laptop

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In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the NHS faces unprecedented financial pressures. The latest news and feedback from the trusted NHS organizations we collaborate with have underscored the gravity of these challenges. While the central government has increased funding significantly over the past three years to support services dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, NHS England is steadfast in its commitment to delivering £12 billion in annualized savings by 2024/25. This goal is set against the backdrop of unions advocating for pay raises for workers and the rising cost of energy. In the midst of this complex equation, technology emerges as a beacon of hope for increasing savings and operational efficiencies within the NHS, all while maintaining the highest standards of patient care.

The key challenge that many NHS departments face, however, is securing funding for technological advancements. With already stretched and undermanned teams in place, staff often find themselves without the time or expertise to craft compelling business cases that align with the spend-to-save model embraced by many NHS Trust financial decision-makers.

At EVERYWARE, we recognise that merely providing technology is not enough to support our healthcare clients effectively. Understanding this, we have developed a series of tailored business case templates designed specifically for healthcare asset tracking and temperature monitoring solutions. These templates are user-friendly and provide a framework that ensures a solid business case to present to department heads and financial decision-makers. By leveraging these templates and the on-going support of the EVERYWARE team, NHS departments can significantly enhance their chances of securing funding approval for essential technology initiatives.

To learn more about our business case templates for healthcare asset tracking and temperature monitoring solutions, and to take the first step towards securing funding for your technology initiatives, please reach out to us at info@everyware.co.uk. We are here to support your vision of a more efficient and innovative NHS in the midst of these challenging circumstances.

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