Case Study


The wildlife research and management industry is focused on bringing science and technology to protecting and improving species and habitats across the UK and globally. As manmade and natural environments continue to overlap, the loss of habitat or mismanagement of existing wildlife can lead to a reduction in biodiversity, increased animal suffering and, ultimately, creates a negative feedback cycle that affects everything on the planet.


Wildlife protection and conservation begins with understanding existing patterns of wildlife, locally and nationally. Everyware has worked with partners to deliver technology solutions for monitoring wildlife and integrating existing technology, such as remote 4G cameras, into a growing ecosystem of devices. A challenge is to ensure the applications are fit-for-purpose and usable in what is historically a manual and ‘off grid’ operating environment. Research scientists, ecologists, wildlife rangers, land managers and gamekeepers all currently rely on being physically present, as per legislative requirements, to ensure appropriate levels of ecosystem care is maintained.


In collaboration with partners in the wildlife sector, Everyware developed a bespoke IoT-enabled application, integrated with the Everyware Asset Management Platform, for agricultural and rural land managers to be able to access real-time data. Existing sensors used in wildlife scenarios and new bespoke sensors have been combined in a unified experience for users with no previous technical background to gain actionable scientific insight into animal behavioural habits.

Bespoke IoT-enabled applications.

Private instance cloud-platform.

Custom branding and theming.

Third-party device integration.

Customised rules and alerts.

Out-of-hours support.

Wildlife Partners

Technology that improves the quality of information helps organisations make effective and timely decisions that results in better care of natural environments and wildlife. In collaboration with a key strategic partner, Everyware is able to provide high quality wildlife research and management solutions to 40+ government agencies, universities, wildlife research and conservation charities, private sector companies and individuals around the world. All equipment is manufactured to meet the highest recognised animal welfare standards.


Automating the remote capture and analysis of wildlife data is not just saving countless hours of work (not to mention the added environmental harm from travelling between locations) but is improving habitats of protected species through better understanding of the wildlife that live in them.

  • Monitoring hundreds of locations, internationally
  • Real-time, legally actionable data
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Reduce interference with natural habitats
  • Reduce incidents of unlawful waste dumping
  • Reduce incidents of poaching
  • Combat animal cruelty
  • Stabilise and improve biodiversity
  • Improve animal welfare
  • Raise awareness and educate future generations