Case Study


Industrial safety affects many industrial buildings from warehouses to airports. All safety products have one goal: to protect people, vehicles, buildings and infrastructure. As demand on large-scale factories and distribution hubs continues to increase, so does the risk of an accident that not only affects the individuals involved but also has an economic impact as activities are often suspended while investigations occur.


Industrial safety must provide outsized benefits in relation to the cost of the solutions put in place. Changing attitudes have played a positive role in prioritising individual safety, although too often the cost of new safety-focused technology is considered in isolation without being able to easily put a price on the cost of not employing safety products and technology. Real-world applications of safety technology is demonstrating that an investment in safety has profoundly positive impacts on business continuity and, therefore, bottom-line costs and profits.


Everyware Innovation Services

Everyware has been working for many years with a world-leader in the workplace safety sector to develop and bring new innovations to market. New IoT-enabled applications have been built in collaboration with product development experts in the safety sector to provide factory/warehouse managers with real-time information about safety incidents. Data from bespoke sensors, developed by Everyware, feeds into the local systems to drive rules and analytics that, for example, will highlight when infrastructure may be at increased risk. Our sensors provide immediate alerts and visual feedback to vehicle drivers at increased risk of affecting critical infrastructure, such as loading gates.

  • Bespoke IoT-enabled applications
  • Bespoke sensors with proximity and impact capabilities
  • Customised Smart Hubs and software for local interaction
  • Integration with customer branded systems
  • Customised rules and alerts
Industrial Partners

Technology that improves the quality of information helps organisations make effective and timely decisions that results in better safe working environments and improved productivity. In collaboration with a key strategic partner, Everyware is able to provide IoT-based technology for high quality industrial safety solutions. From transport and logistics, to supply chain distribution and packaging, to airports, food and chemical industries; collaborative technology solutions are having a positive impact around the globe.

Case Study


Automating safety monitoring in industrial environments is not just saving countless hours of lost productivity but is improving working practices and health through better understanding of incidents that lead to undesirable consequences.

  • Real-time monitoring of industrial safety solutions 24/7
  • Actionable incident data
  • Customisable product
  • efficacy recommendations
  • Reduce workplace injuries
  • Reduce infrastructure damage
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Improve safety awareness across the organisation