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Real Time Asset Tracking and Monitoring

Before switching to real time digital asset monitoring most of our customers typically managed and recorded their physical business assets manually before being entered into their enterprise management systems. The problem with manual recording is that it is often time consuming, requires multiple persons, often subject to error and can in some instances deny the operative recording the data to be distracted from other vital operational tasks. There is a need to simplify the task and gain insight into the productivity of each asset that manual recording simply cannot solve.

We can help your organisation transition from manual recording of critical assets to real time digital asset monitoring. Today, our proven technology solutions enable our customers to maximise asset utilisation and performance allowing them to deliver mission critical business data, insights, and intelligence regardless of location.



Tracking and monitoring medical equipment internally and externally for increased operational efficiency.


Industrial infrastructure in factories and warehouses with electronic sensing capabilities; allowing visibility to any asset.


The Everyware platform and bespoke sensors provide alerts or a call to action to rectify any breakdowns.


Real-time decision-making based on data is improving animal welfare and environmental practices.

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